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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide: 5 Ideas Mom's Sure To Love

With it coming just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to make this Mother's Day truly special. After conducting a (very informal) survey, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that range from thoughtful to indulgent, many of which also support local San Diego businesses. Here’s what mom really, really wants.

1) A Day of Relaxation and Family Time: Treat mom to a day off from household duties. Imagine a serene afternoon in the backyard hanging out with family, just enjoying everybody’s company… while someone else takes care of dinner. Opt for an easy yet delicious pasta dinner, with bucatini pasta (fancier than spaghetti because it's hollow like little straws) and a good marinara sauce. Pair it with an easy side salad and her favorite bottle of vino or some Pellegrino. And the cherry on top? Take care of the KP duty so the kitchen’s all clean. Note: I was told this is an important point to make.

2) Outdoor Adventure: Pick up or pack up some deli sandwiches and head to the beach, San Diego Zoo, or Safari Park. Whether watching the surf or spending time with the animals (and their mamas), immersing yourself in nature here in San Diego is as easy as it can be rejuvenating. You could also go hiking. The moral of this one is spending family time together among nature to destress. Add a picnic-style lunch to make the day even more special.

3) Spa Retreat: It’s cliché, but it’s true. Whether she prefers a massage, pedicure, or simply soaking in a hot bath, everyone likes a little pampering. Not to mention peace and quiet, we really like that, too. Gifting her an appointment at a salon or day spa would be an amazing treat. Go big and consider booking a wellness retreat or surprising her with a travel package focused on health and fitness. Moon Bloom Yoga offers wine+yoga day events at the Milagro Winery in Ramona. They also have an upcoming 7 day retreat in Mallorca, Spain. I would love it if someone got this for me (hint, hint).

4) Dinner (or Brunch) Out: Treat mom to a meal at her favorite restaurant for brunch, lunch, or dinner. There’s something truly awesome about having delicious food served to you while you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy the company. How about brunch on the patio at Amaya in Del Mar? One of my favorites for family dinners out is Cesarina in Point Loma. Their mission statement is “to create a convivial atmosphere that nurtures the community as a mother would”, which sounds just about perfect for a Mother’s Day meal. Not to mention, their tiramisu is beyond reason good.

5) A Little Something Special: What floats mom’s boat? There are tons of cool local (and often mom-run) businesses that have just the right gift. Is she into gardening? Surprise her with something from the San Diego Seed Company, they have tons of seeds as well as gardening accessories, or a spot at a floral arranging workshop at Pigment in Liberty Station. If she likes jewelry, Narrative is a local mom-owned online shop whose mother-of-pearl necklaces and Morse code bracelets are a beautiful tribute she’s sure to adore. Or, if she’s been eyeing a living room makeover, why not gift her a project consultation with Del Sur Designs? These gifts really are thoughtful gestures that show you’ve been paying attention to her interests. 

This Mother’s Day, let’s show our appreciation for all the love and care our moms give us.

Gift Guide Links: 

2)  Floral Arranging Workshop - Pigment, Point Loma

3) Moon Bloom Yoga  

4) Milagro Winery 

5) Narrative Jewelry - Wired Morse Code Bracelets


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