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Details, details, details...

The comment I most often hear from potential clients is that they desire a space finished with "a designer's touch". People will have spent both time and money to build their collection of furniture and wonder why the room still feels lacking of warmth and personality. What I have come to learn; and what I educate my clients about is that it's important to first look at all the things in each space as a whole, and then add details and decor to both coordinate and add personality.

First, play around on paper. You don't have to be an artist to draw out a simple floor plan on a grid and see how things will fit in your space. It's also helpful to make a collage of fabric, furniture, and other decor to see how they go together before you pull the trigger on any purchases.

As you put together a set of furniture, steer away from matchy-matchy, but look to see that certain details of each piece have similar structural lines and styles. Keep color palettes simple and consistent while using an even mix of large, small patterns, and solid fabrics. And lastly, to really achieve a unique design, invest in a few custom items.

Going custom doesn't always have to mean expensive. If you can sew, things such as draperies, or custom cushions will make a room pop. You may also want to add other details, like wallpaper or architectural moldings. If you have time to search, original art or cool antiques that you find on Ebay, Esty, or in local consignment shops will achieve a curated look that no one else on your street will have.

And alway, if you still find this outside your comfort zone, or just don't have the time, give us

a call:)!


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