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Our Favorite Kitchen Pendants & How to Use Them

Lighting can be very overwhelming if you don't know exactly what your looking for. So we've created a guide on how to use them in the right setting as well as how to scale them for your home.

First, we have the lantern pendant which is extremely popular at the moment. This works well as transitional lighting because it provides traditional elements with the candlesticks but also states modern elements with it's clean lines and openness.

Pendants like these look great with shaker style cabinets as shown in the image to the left by Artisan Design Studio.

These pendants also have a light and airy feel to them. Paired with light colored cabinetery, you get an effortless and timeless vibe.

We try to avoid copy-cat design styles like these so we sourced a few of our favorite unique pendants that still have the same classic effect as the lantern. Take a look below. These are all sourced from our online vendors but are viewable at locations around our San Diego neighborhoods.


Secondly, we have the traditional farmhouse pendant turned modern. This one works well in transitional spaces because it has the shape of a traditional farmhouse pendant but is brought to life with accent of gold.

We love the pairing of these pendants with the Calacatta gold marble and hunter green cabinets that Studio Mcgee has designed. It's classy, with a hint of glam.

You can pair these pendants with a nice butcher block and/or any painted finish cabinet you like.

Remember to add your own unique style to your home. You can use the below pendants that have a similar feel.


These pendants are the coastal icon! These are perfect for your beach house or coastal home or even if you want to add a little nodical vibe to your transitional home.

These pendants are paired nicely by M. Fredrick Designs with a nice marble subway and white cabinets.

We like to pair these with blue painted cabinets and natural materials like wooden countertops or natural wood cabinets.

Make these pendants your own with the below sources we love!

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